Food 4 Thort

Do you think this waste food issue is just a New Zealand problem?

Below are some startling figures for just a few countries;

Value of food waste per year per country

New Zealand: $750 million

Australia: $5.2 Billion

United Kingdom: £10.2 Billion

USA: $43 Billion

(All dollar values are shown in the currency of the country. These figures were obtained from various research papers.)

But the amazing thing is this dollar value is only for food that consumers have purchased, taken home and then thrown away. It does NOT account for the food that gets disposed of every day by food retailers like chain supermarkets.

Stop and think about that for a moment.

The value of New Zealand’s consumer waste food alone could feed 1 million starving African children for an entire year! Just imagine what could be achieved if retailers and consumers worldwide stopped wasting good edible food!

"This issue is too big and anything I do won’t count"

We disagree. An example is smoking, once it was commonplace and acceptable in any public bar, restaurant, airline etc but now it’s not. People spoke up and laws were eventually changed.

It is our aim to get this film in front of as many people as possible via film festivals and targeted screenings for environmental and government groups. To do this we need your help as the film has been self funded to this point but now we need help raising more funds (film festivals cost between NZ$30 - $50 just to enter) So spend $5 less on those groceries you will only end up throwing out this week, and support us instead!

Because we believe that a  collective voice united in a common cause can create change.

Thank you, Vanessa

Producer & Director

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